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Cases Designed to Teach Critical Thinking and Professional Judgment in Auditing

Three cases about fraud that help students better understand the importance of applying professional skepticism and critical thinking when making judgments and decisions in difficult auditing contexts.
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Search for Unrecorded Liabilities

This module explains the similarities and differences between Trade Payables and Accrued Expenses as well as the types of Accrued Expenses
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Financial Statement Assertions: PPE

Students are introduced to and perform audit procedures in the Property, Plant & Equipment (PPE) process.
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Revenue Recognition Video

Short, animated video explaining how to properly recognize revenue.
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Company Risk, Governance, and Accounting Policy Cases

Eleven short cases focusing on company risk, governance, and accounting policy.
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KPMG's Ace the Case Study Guide

Learn about the 8-step case analysis framework and get some great presentation tips!
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ALPFA 2013 Cases

Cases from the 2013 KPMG/Association of Latino Professionals in Finance and Accounting (ALPFA) Case Competitions.
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Net Present Value Video

Short, animated video explaining the concept of net present value.
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