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Data and Analytics describes the actions that organizations take to collect, manage, and analyze data to make better business decisions that can lead to lasting competitive advantage. Properly utilized, data and analytics can uncover new knowledge and unlock business value. This section includes practice exercises, data sets, and examples to help your students understand how data and analytics can be used to add value to the work they do.

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Urgent Medical Device, Inc. 2023: A Teaching Case Designed to Integrate Alteryx in the Financial Statement Auditing Classrooms

Allen D. Blay, Florida State University and Ashley D. King, University of Tennessee, Knoxville
December 2022

This case is designed as a mechanism for students to achieve a variety of learning objectives related to not only data... Read More >
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Incorporating Data and Analytics into the Accounting Curriculum


This guide highlights some of the increasing demands for the D&A skillsets in the accounting profession by outlining... Read More >
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ESG Carbon Emissions Case Study - Excel


This case study material is intended for use by undergraduate or graduate accounting faculty aiming to leverage a real-world... Read More >
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